Woman In Black

The play adapted from Susan's ghost story has been running in London's West End for 28 years, and plays round the globe. Related merchandise is on sale at The Fortune Theatre and now it is available for you to buy online here.

Woman In Black pendant

Small square pendant with image of the graveyard and Eel Marsh House. On a chain.  £3.99


Woman In Black pen

Black biro with the silhouette of The Woman in Black on top. Because of postage charges, if these are sold individually, they cost £1.50 PLUS 70P postage. But buy 3 for £4, POST FREE



'"There's the drowned churches and the swallowed-up village," he chuckled. "Those are particularly fine examples of 'nothing to see.' And we've a good wild run of an abbey with a handsome graveyard—you can get to it at low tide."' Buy something sinister for your fridge with Susan Hill's The Woman in Black graveyard fridge magnet.



'I had always known in my heart that the experience would never leave me, that it was now woven into my very fibers, an inextricable part of my past, but I had hoped never to have to recollect it, consciously, and in full, ever again....' If, unlike Arthur Kipps, you very much want to be reminded of The Woman in Black, this fridge magnet should do the trick every time you enter your kitchen.


Woman in Black China Mug

Drink your tea from this fine bone china mug, with an exclusive Woman in Black design front and back. £8.99 including UK postage. 


Woman in Black Canvas Tote Bag

'What she wants is unknown, but she always comes back. The spectre of darkness: The Woman in Black.' (from The Woman in Black screenplay by Jane Goldman). 

Carry your  books home in this sturdy, long-handled canvas tote that should last for years. £8.99 including UK postage. The perfect present for Woman in Black fans - which could be YOU.


The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black was first published in 1983 and has gone on to have a remarkable life over the following decades, in various paperback incarnations, as a set book for GCSE and A Level, and as a play, adapted by Stephen Mallatratt and running in London’s West End since 1988 and around the world. The acclaimed feature film, starring Daniel Radcliffe, came out in 2012. A paperback film tie-in of the book was published by Vintage, and there is also a beautiful small hardback published by Profile Books.