A devastating coming-of-age story from one of our most popular storytellers

You’re a young woman. You can choose. Which career to pursue.  Who to have sex with.  Who to marry and have children – or not – with. This is now. 
Step into the shoes of Olive. You’re a happy, open-hearted girl. Your (tricky) mother is dead and you live with your father in a solid, Edwardian house with apple trees in the garden. Your passion for books gets you easily into university, where the world is surely waiting for you. 
There, you meet a boy. But then you make a mistake – the kind any one of us could make – and face an impossible choice. You are young, still, and full of hope. You can’t possibly know how that mistake will sit in your heart.  Or that when you get a job as a teacher you will fall in love with an older colleague. But the affair must stay secret; the world won’t have it any other way.
All you have ever wanted is for your heart to be free. But you are living in a time and place where freedoms we now take for granted had the power to destroy.
-- From the Heart is out now (March 2017, Chatto, £10.99). You can pre-order a signed first edition for only £9 (free P&P).